About Moi!

Hola =) 

I'm Steffi (I spell it that way to be awkward!), and I'm not usually downing Jagermiester in a fancy dress..but y'kno...go with the flow!

Currently 21 22, though I act 16 and I live my life as though I'm 29 with Kids. Strange concept I know but I run around and pick up anything with Dinosaurs and Fairies on, but work full time and am a full time housewife to my lovely enduring boyfriend and my two cats, Nomi (the white one) and Charlie (nicknamed cone head) . 

We live in Middlesbrough, but hopefully not for too long. I'm sick of the North East and lack of jobs for me... unfortunately my partner is a freelancer and all his work is here! I graduate from University in November and currently work as a HR Administrator while I decide where my life is going to take me.

I love reading, however life likes to get in the way so I usually ready 3 books a weekend and possibly one over the week! I mainly read young adult, however I love Zombies...and computer games....and have recently found a bunch of books that incorporate both so I'm in heaven!

Once upon a time I used to argue and tell people I just like Twitter, and the boy already says I'm addicted...however after reaching 2000 tweets in 4 months I am ready to admit I'm a bit addicted...so if you wanna see what I ramble I'm @steffifaerie and I'm happy to chat if someone wants to ramble back to me!