Monday, 8 October 2012

Amsterdam Book Shops

So I'm back from another brilliant week in Amsterdam (and back blogging a little month later than planned...). We went to see Sigur Ros for ESP's 30th Birthday present (I'm a lovely fiancée!) and of course I hunted out the book shops!

American Book Centre

Now I went to this shop last year, but couldn't seem to find it this year, so apologies I am reusing old photos...but that is because it was amazing.


I honestly couldn't stop staring up at the ceiling! It was amazing to see that many books. As it was the american book centre it was all american imports so some lovely new covers I'd never seen before. Unfortunately they were a lot more expensive, and yet again Mike pulled me away before I could spend our entire budget on books...


Every where has a Waterstones now and Amsterdam is no exception  It stocked books written in English, but not all were English which was nice!

When I went a-wandering around the Young Adult Section (where else was I going to look!) I found some books written by a German author, and later the series is written by Astrid Lindgren. I read this entire series as well as other books by Astrid when I was a child and it was fantastic to see them being sold in a book shop rather than in Chartiy shops or online.

I also found some English books...including our own Keris Stainton's books!

I was very impressed to see them there and I couldve brought loads back if I wasn't worried about my handluggage weight!

We also found this awesome poster:

and our response is written nicely there:

Unfortunately there just wasn't enough time to try and see more of them,Waterstones was by pure chance and we almost walked past it! I did pass plenty of Dutch book shops while we were on Trams, it was just a shame not to be able to visit any!

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