Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Holiday

So as I mentioned on Monday I am currently in Amsterdam for a concert for my Fiancee's birthday. I will be back this coming Monday with many more reviews and some interesting posts about my trip in Amsterdam.

I will be trying to visit some Amsterdam book shops and their local Library which I have seen pictures of!

Hopefully, I will also be going to visit Anne Frank's house. By the time this post goes up I will have finished reading the book, currently about 4 months away from the end, and I am really interested to see it now.

Obviously I am taking books with my on holiday so I thought I would share them, as some of them are very new to me!

In the Darkness - Nick Lake

Raimy handed me this one in January and unfortunately it fell and hid behind lots of other things on my shelves, but its coming out now. Re-reading the blurb it has really made me excited and I have great hopes!

Marcello in the Real World

This is another one I picked up a while ago. Sounds right up my street, and seems to follow similar stories of Wonder and The Curious Incident with the Dog in the Night-time, both of which I believed were amazing (if you haven't read, I fully advise!!)

The Secret Dinner Club

Canvas books recently sent me this book for a review, and I'm really interested to see how it works. It's not out till December, but I'm pretty sure if I love it, you will all hear about it way before then!

666 Park Avenue; The Dark Glamour

Recently I finished and reviewed 666 Park Avenue...any one who has finished the book, knows it was left on a good lead up to the next one in the series. So, another thank you to Canvas books for letting me grab a hold of this. I'll be glad for this one if I get a chance to read!

As I said earlier as well The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank will be going with me too, but hopefully I will finish that before I actually leave (I managed to read around 5 before we actually left for the flight last year...woops!)

If anyone has read any of these books, let me know, I'd love to hear other people's opinions!

Have a lovely week everyone!



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