Monday, 20 August 2012

The C-Word - Lisa Lynch

Carrie Bradshaw fell in Dior, I fell in Debenhams. It was May 2008, and it was spectacular. Uncomfortable heels + slippy floor + head turned by a cocktail dress = thwack. Arms stretched overhead, teeth cracking on floor tiles, chest and knees breaking the fall. It was theatrical, exaggerated, a perfect 6.0. And it was Significant Moment #1 in discovering that I had grade-three breast cancer.' 

The last thing Lisa Lynch had expected to put on her 'things to do before you're 30' list was beating breast cancer, but them's the breaks. So with her life on hold, and her mind close to capacity with unspoken fears, questions and emotions, she turned to her Mac and started blogging about the frustrating, life-altering, sheer pain-in-the-arse inconvenience of getting breast cancer at the age of 28. The C-Word is an unflinchingly honest and darkly humorous account of Lisa's battle with The Bullshit, as she came to call it.


I first heard about this book through Keris, ages and ages sounded amazing, was put on my amazon wishlist and then the world took over until last Christmas when my sister gave me it. First of all it is amazing...Lisa Lynch is amazing, and very brave to write this hole hearted account on the (very few) goods and (very very) bads of dealing with Cancer when you believe your entire life is still ahead of you. 

 I do feel it shows what dealing with this can be like from an honest perspective...She delves into the horrible accounts of her first Chemo session and how she battled through it. She showed an ability to go "So what...the world must go on and we have to kick it". I am struggling for the words to describe her attitude at the moment, but it was greatly uplifting. One of my favourite insights into her life is after she was diagnosed she screamed at her parents to be normal and stop treating her like she was ill...from this point on I vowed if I was ever in the same situation that would be the way to handle it.

There is not much more I can say, and I wish there was so much more, apart from the fact that this is definitely worth a read. 

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