Monday, 6 August 2012

Oh look...she's back again!

Yes...I know...I'm awful...but these 4 months off have been good for me.

When I stopped in February I was feeling down about myself as a blogger...I began to feel jealous of my friends getting ARCs I wish I could read and knew that wasn't something I planned when I began blogging...add into that a change in jobs, a wedding to plan and friends who dragged me out of the house and away from my laptop and books *hugs both furiously*

So I had a think...I stopped reading...I stopped tweeting as much and just relaxed...and still found myself reading and wanting to tell people.

This reminded me why I wanted to do I could share the awesome books with people and increase the amount of books I owned and read. Not so I could care if people were reading, or so I could gain new friends (though I wouldn't change them for the world now I have them!).

A lot has been coming out lately in regards to book blogging and it's scared me a bit how the community is changing. All I know is the group I started with, are all staying out of it and I will be too! It did put me off returning a bit but I'm just going to try and keep out of it all and hope nothing comes out about UK Bloggers!

So I'm back, and this time I truly mean it. I have lots of fun reviews to share, and hopefully some that will interest you!

Thank you for sticking through and still following :)


Steffikins x

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