Tuesday, 31 May 2011

University October 2007 to May 2011

Technically my Undergraduate degree is over as of 27th May 2011...and it really scared me!

For four years I've had a purpose and an reasoning for why I am always skint, why I am not sure what I want to do with my life.."I'm a student...I'll figure it out when I've finished"...now comes the small panic!!

When I left for uni I was newly single, though looking back I can see I was stupidly hooked on an idiot for another 5 months.
I'm the one in the butterfly top on the end. These were 3 of my housemates...Jodi, Kayleigh and Ellen, the only one I still speak to on occasion is Ellen, who I lived with for another year in a much better house! Then I opted to live with a smelly boy! I went from growing up in the same house for 18 years, to moving to 4 different houses in 3 years!

Or I can point out this was my student card..and still has been for the past 4 years. My work-mates all couldn't believe that it was me and how much I've changed.

That sort of prompted this post, trying to work out how much I've changed! 4 years ago I was 18, destined to get a 1st in my degree and had very few close friends and smoked 20 a day...(I was very stressed!)

4 years later I'm (almost) 22, happy if I get a 2:2 in my degree, smoke 3 cigs a day and have realised that it doesnt matter how many friends I have or where they are...as long as I have those few people I'm happy!

I also never thought I'd be happy with a guy, that I'd find someone to settle down with...I always believed I'd be the crazy cat lady...but without cats as I didn't like cats till I got 2! Did think I'd be traveling around the world but not much chance now as the ESP doesn't want me to leave him for 6 months at a time!

I think although I've changed, its something we all do, even in the space of a year...I just have a good thing to blame it on now! "its university's fault I'm like this"

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  1. Awww, you have changed but I still love you!! :D xxx