Monday, 13 June 2011

Not My Idea of Heaven - Lindsey Rosa

Those who had not discovered our truth had Satan in their hearts. We lived amongst them, but not with them, 'in the world, but not of the world'. We were special. We were the disciples of the Fellowship. When she was a child, Lindsey Rosa's every waking moment was governed by the rules of an extreme separatist sect. It controlled what she wore and what she ate; it forbade her to listen to music, to cut her hair, to watch television, to use a computer. The Fellowship said her family was special. Why would she believe otherwise? Then, when Lindsey was seven, her elder brother was caught listening to music and the family were expelled from the sect. But Lindsey's parents knew nothing but the ways of the Fellowship, so they remained in hope that they would be accepted and continued to make the family live by the sect's strict rules - cutting themselves off from their local community. But as Lindsey grew, so too did her awareness of a world outside. And, feeling increasingly isolated, she struggled with her own identity. Until finally she was faced with a devastating choice: to continue to live by the rules of the religious sect or to be brutally cast out and leave the family she loved behind forever.

I picked this up at the supermarket...and hid it from the partner as I was so excited and didn't want to have to fight to read this book!! I wrote on my In My Mailbox #2 about this and how I was half way through and really excited to finish this..

Unfortunately I wish I hadn't finished the book! Really shocking to say, but I was loving this book and I picked it up due to the difference in the subject matter. I usually read books involving true life stories and overcoming issues, i.e. depression, self-harm, eating disorders and battles people have to face. This book from the description just seemed different. Yes she had a battle to face but it was very different to the books I usually read and as Religion is a taboo subject I was excited.

The first half of the book I spent it enjoying the story, loving the child like innocence of Lindsey and just how much power the sect had over these people! I think one of my favourite passages involved her running outside her front door without her hair covered, and how she felt so scared she was doing wrong. 

At the middle point I wasn't able to stop reading the book and was attempting to eat and cook while reading! Then...It just changed into a usual life story book. Usually there's nothing wrong with that for me, as I'm expecting it...but this...I don't know I think I just hoped for more.

I did finish the book but I was severely put off after I realised the subject had changed, It is a good book! I just hoped it was all going to be about the religious sect and her battles with that as it was suggested...

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  1. awww I'm sorry it was a bit of a disappointing read for you!! :(