Monday, 20 June 2011


I want to try and think of 22 things to do this year before I turn 23 (next June). This year just gone, my challenge was to learn to drive and see more people and I did! I passed my text in March and then drove to Manchester and Preston, which I'd never done, and I'd never been there either! Doing that's made me realise I want to live in that area!

So now my plan is...well y'kno I haven't got one!

Defiantly got a few I want to try and I suppose I will keep updating as I think of more!

1. Take Part COMPLETE NaNoWriMo November 2011
2. Go to Amsterdam
3. See more of the people who really mean things to me!
4. Read 100 books
5. Review at least 50 of those books!

Few more given by Mike in the car (19/6/11):

6. Keep 5 plants alive for a year...(I have a habit of killing them!)
7. Buy a new Corset
8. Go to a Strip Club
9. Find a hat that suits me
10. Beat the boys at a computer game
11. Successfully dye my hair blonde, and keep it for at least a week
12. Eat an animal I have never eaten before

 More! Now from Noeleen! (20/06/11)

13. Visit a museum or all the museums in the North East
14. Teach the cats a new trick and put it on YouTube.
15. Bake something really complicated and take a photo and put it on facebook to be judged in an online baking competition. 
16. Submit one of the book reviews or NaNoWriMo to a publisher 
17. Build a bee house for the garden (save the bees). 
18. Take up a new hobby like photography or write a short story and submit to local press to see if you could get published. 
19, Go and do something outdoors you haven't done before like tree climbing (Go Ape), paint balling, go-karting, mountain biking, orienteering, camping

Any more ideas I am very open to suggestions...well as long as it doesn't involve endangering my life! COME ON!! 4 more to go!! =)

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  1. If I think of anything I shall let you know! :D