Thursday, 28 July 2011

Books Vs Movies: Discussion

Which is better...Movies or Books?

I know which answer I usually pick...however I just read "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas this movie is one of the most girliest and touching movies I have ever watched and I always cry. But for some reason while I liked the book I felt it was too different and it didn't touch me in the same way!

I know many films cut out bits of books...(not to mention the massive discussion on Harry Potter at the moment...that will not be mentioned as I have STILL not seen the final movie!!) but this was the bits they cut out the book meant the movie was better! If it had had parts of the background of their families and the religion I think I would've turned the movie off 30 minutes in.

I haven't watched this movie yet...
A few of Jodi Picoult's books have been turned into movies and while they're not too bad they don't compare to the books at all, and that confuses me sometimes. How can a writer make you feel so emotionally attached to a character and understand everything they are going through, to then watch the film based on the book...and hate the exact same character and the fact they don't show or make me feel the same emotions that I felt while reading about them? I suppose that it is also due to how good the actor is and how good the author of the book is!

I have just finished watching The Lovely Bones, which was a book I disliked and the film wasn’t that bad...It doesn’t make me want to read the book again though..!
I do feel some books would be fantastic if they were made into films, such as the Noughts and Crosses series, I really think would highlight the issues to the people. It was also a book that threw me back into reading for fun and that I wasn’t weird for reading, so I think releasing something like that as a film would be amazing!

In the midst of all this I still can’t wait for One Day to be released as a film, mainly because David Nicholls has also written the screenplay so I’m praying that I will feel the same as I did when I read the book...well...baring the last chapter as I refuse to read that! (anyone who has read will know why I stopped. If you hadn’t read the book go do it now!!)

I think with books turned into films you can’t hope too much...with a book there is generally just one person writing it...with a film there are lots of writers and everyone with a different interpretation on how characters should look, should behave and unforutnatly they arn't always how we imagine them!


  1. interesting thoughts! I still havent watched the Lovely Bones but I did enjoy the book so I probably wont like the movie! I'm terrible at that!
    And will you PLEASE go and read that last damn chapter woman!!!

  2. Nice post! I've thought about this before, too. I guess some things just work out better on the page, while others can't really be expressed very well with words. (As for hating a character in the movie and loving the same character in the book, I figure seeing the character's thoughts helps, but who knows?) And you're right, it's best to just keep your hopes down for movie adaptations of books.