Saturday, 16 July 2011

Forbidden Corner

I always thought everyone had been here but after telling so many people I was going they were confused and I've had to explain this place!

Someone made it as a private piece of land with all the interesting things, but public demand made him open it to the public (and damn right!)

Mike trying to find the sensors

I went when I was 9 with a kids club, and can remember little bits of it, such as where I fell over or a few things which sprayed water at us! I was a bit unsure about taking a group of adults (Me being the second 1 month!!) but everyone loved it!! =)

We got lost so many times and were very lucky with the weather as it didn't rain till we were driving home! Lots of walking around and little hidden things...such as rats (fake) above your head.

There was also a group of Rainbows and Browines around...that was embarrassing as they kept trying to get the girls together and using shouts I'm used I joined in and I had to keep being reminded I'm not with them!

The boys got slush puppies and had great fun with them...(can never take the child anywhere!). All sort of areas including an "Underworld area" where you have to find your way out and it was very dark! 

Angela being very smiley
 And I had no idea Mike was pulling that face when I took the picture...It was very dark! and 10 mins before that we got soaked with water. There was just so much going on but it was so much fun!
Then we chilled out and went to see some ducks...which Adam tried to feed Lemon drops...

Overall a brilliant day which anyone should go..Kids if they can walk and you dont need a buggy and adults!! =D

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