Sunday, 3 July 2011

Twins - Marcy Dermansky

The Breakfast Club meets Heathers in the anti-chicklit novel: a fabulously black comedy about identical twins struggling to eighteen in wealthy American suburbia. Chloe and Sue, blonde and beautiful, have one problem: each other. However, when their parents abandon them their future becomes uncertain: how badly wrong can perfect girls go? For everyone who loved Clueless or The O.C. and wonders why no book comes close, this is their novel. Funny, addictive, disturbing and redemptive, Twins is a deliciously twisted story of teenage dreams.


From the second Raimy and I read "The Breakfast Club meets..." I think I was sold on buying this book! I've only seen The Breakfast Club movie and not read the book.[Scratch that...there is no book...I was always under the impression there was a book...but searching it on Waterstones brought up something COMPLETELY different!] anywhoooo....

The Story starts at the twins 13th birthday and ends where they are around 18/19 and shows all the way through their developmental path, which was really interesting from a psychological point of view. It was really interesting to see how the twins influenced each other and one was "the bad twin" yet by the end I felt she was the better of the two! There was a bit where Chloe got her period before Sue, and this began the split between the two, which I really liked how in my eyes now it seems very silly to become split over...and then I went back to when I was 13 and this had affect on friendships, so why wouldn't it be like that for twins!

The author did a really good job of not making you fall in love with one twin and instantly hating the other....and then 10 pages later you were rooting for the other and thinking the one you loved 20 minutes ago should stay away and was causing all the problems! Every chapter switched focus and you saw what the other girl was dealing with. Maybe that's another reason I liked it! It was very Jodi Picoult style where you fully believe in one characters perception, and then this suddenly changes and you get a full understanding of whats going on.

I found it hard to feel sorry for Chloe though...actually I found it hard to feel sorry for them both! At parts I thought I did but now thinking back on it I would start to and then would think "they brought this on themselves" (I think I was being a bit heartless as I was reading it though!). I thought first it was awful for Chloe who was trying to be popular and then her best friend was trying to convince her to have sex constantly, but then she suddenly didn't seem to care about her friend at all?

The parents were another thing all together!! Including the twist at the end which I just sat there stunned that a parent could do that to a child! (No'll have to read it or google it if you want to know)

I think it really shows that growing up can be hard, but throw in a twin and two parents who are divorcing but hiding it I think it makes it all the more difficult and the author did a brilliant job of getting into their heads.

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  1. oooo It does sound good! I may have to steal this from you at some point! ;)