Friday, 30 September 2011

T.G.I.F. - Friday, Sept. 30th - Banned Books

Friday, Sept. 30th -Banned Books: How do you feel about the censorship of the freedom to read? Do you think the education system needs to be more strict on what children are exposed to in books?

I don't think any books should be banned at all!

Half the books that were banned before are now read continuously and no-one can see an issue with why they were banned in the first place!! It also meant the books that were banned were more popular and more people wanted to read them...complete mistake banning them really!

I also think attempting to ban books nowadays, with the mass use of the internet, would fail dramatically! You can get hold of anything online so if a book was banned I'm sure there would be someone somewhere who had a copy and would put it on the internet!

There are some books which kids shouldnt read at certain ages...I remember stopping my 6 year old sister reading a LGBT novel I had, but that was more I didn't want to answer her questions, or have to explain to my mum what the book was about or why I had it!

But I know she read it a few years later and that doesn't bother me, I think there are books with some topics that young kids shouldn't read but as you get older its a persons choice and right to read what they want!

What do you think??




  1. Nice points raised, especially the bit about the internet! It's very true.

  2. internet, always to the rescue.
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